Fast Track


A comprehensive recruitment solution that employs time tested approaches to fill your positions with better candidates in less time. Please read the complete description of the Fast Track for details on our service level expectations (details on deliverables).

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A comprehensive recruitment solution for sales and designer positions that employs time tested approaches to fill your positions with better candidates in less time. This solution is built upon the same people, processes and tools we have used for over a decade in our service of leading companies across North America. This is a flat rate service per job (one job at one location), you may hire one or all of the candidates submitted for the same flat rate. Please read below for deliverable expectations.

The Fast Track program is designed for sales and designer roles and delivers candidates that may have industry experience or who may have related experience and have successfully passed the Talent+ assessment.

Other roles may be eligible for the fast track service; however, additional fees may apply. Please contact us to learn more.

Fast Track Includes:

  • All of the included components in the self-managed track
  • Comprehensive sourcing to uncover and attract passive candidates
  • Candidate identification, attraction, engagement, qualification, management and closing
  • Weekly reporting and status calls
  • Scheduling interviews

In the end this service creates a slate of qualified and interested candidates from a variety of sources who are ready to meet and interview with you.

Please Review the following terms and deliverables as they can change. The Fast Track Service ends (purchase fulfilled) when any of the following first occur:

  • The position is filled,
  • The Buyer conducts interviews (in-person, virtual, telephone, etc) with four or more candidates,
  • Submission of six (6) or more candidates meeting the general job requirements (as written on job description) and/or achieving an acceptable outcome on the Talent+ assessment.
  • The Buyer changes the scope of the position, candidates requirements, or changes the location of the position after project has begun, or
  • The Buyer feedback process exceeds the 1 week time frame set below.

By purchasing the Fast Track Service, Buyer (the Dealer) acknowledges that they understand that the effectiveness of the process is dependent upon the collaboration of PredictiveHR and the Buyer, and as such, the Buyer agrees to provide feedback to PredictiveHR within 72-hours following any of the recruiting process key candidate touch points including: Candidate submittal to distributor, Dealer phone screen with candidate, and Dealer in-person interview.

Refund requests prior to the start of the project will be made via a credit towards a future project (credit must be used within 30 days from date of original purchase). Once work on the project has begun the fees paid are not refundable.

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