The world’s greatest chairs…deserve the world’s greatest employees
Introducing the Dealer Network Talent Services Program designed to help you hire better and faster than ever before.
Talent matters – a lot.
The Dealer Network Talent Services Program provides your business with the resources to help find and develop exceptional talent.
Specific benefits include:
  • Efficient and effective selection process, minimizing cost and time to fill positions, while maximizing value for your organization.
  • Comprehensive recruitment solution that accelerates the recruiting and hiring process for critical hires.
  • Talent Plus Online Assessment, a science-based analysis for each job applicant that measures talent and cultural alignment instead of the traditional resume and experienced based models.
Solutions crafted to help you hire better and faster
Fast Track
A comprehensive recruitment solution
Solution focused upon creating a candidate pipeline for Designer and Sales Roles
Qualified & Interested Candidate Submittal Guarantee
Passive Candidate Sourcing
Customized In-Depth Screening Process
Talent+ Assessment
(Paid Option)
Preferred Placement
A comprehensive end-to-end recruitment solution
15%of final salary (12 month term)
Program focused specifically on providing full candidate life-cycle management.
Hire Guarantee & Placement Warranty
Weekly Check-Ins
Grow your ancillary business up to 41% with an Ancillary Specialist
End-to-End Solution
Talent+ Assessment
(Paid Option)
Need Some Answers?
The Fast Track is a comprehensive recruitment solution for sales and designer roles that employs time tested approaches to fill your positions with better candidates in less time. This solution is built upon the same people, processes and tools we have used for over a decade in our service of leading companies across North America. We manage the process, start to finish. The Fast Track Includes all of the included components in the self-managed track plus leading services such as comprehensive sourcing to uncover and attract passive candidates, assistance in development of an employment branding message, candidate identification, attraction, engagement, qualification, management and closing, interview scheduling, and much more.
The Preferred Placement is an end-to-end recruitment solution similar to a what you would receive from a contingency or retained search firm; however, it is a fraction of the price. For a fee of 15% of the candidates (positions) first year compensation, we work the position until the position is filled or you close the requisition. This also carry’s a placement guarantee.
The workplace continues to rapidly evolve. With more third spaces, we spaces, collaborative areas, etc, designing the best solution for our customers & keeping up with the latest product trends is becoming rapidly complex. Enter the Ancillary Specialist. Many best-in-class dealers have hired a subject matter expert to help curate settings & thus differentiate themselves. In fact, those that have resourced ancillary are out-pacing the field with 41% YoY Elements growth. Given the results and growing interest in hiring for this role, we are proud to offer recruitment assistance for dealers interested in Ancillary Specialists.
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The validated selection process ensures that the best talent can be selected for the mutual benefit of your dealership and your employees. Together, PredictiveHR and Talent Plus will help you deliver a consistent process for selecting candidates with the potential to become top performers in their roles to improve business.
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