Millington Lockwood

One Fast Track purchase led to hiring two qualified individuals, changing the way Millington Lockwood thinks of prospective talent and putting lesser burden on internal staff.

Founded in 1884, Millington Lockwood is one of Buffalo’s oldest companies. Millington Lockwood is a distributor of commercial office furniture and architectural products for the business, education, healthcare, and government markets. They provide a menu of facility support services that include interior design, space planning, project management, delivery and installation, pre-owned furniture, and much more.

The Challenge

Millington Lockwood was interested in hiring a New Business Development Manager to add to their sales team. As a result, they posted the position on several online job boards including Indeed and As leading firms do, they also leveraged personal referrals as a means to identify candidates. However, these approaches failed to yield the high caliber candidates they desired. In addition, Millington Lockwood realized that recruiting was not an organizational core competency and often took time away from customer focused and revenue generating functions.

Key Points:
  • Millington Lockwood was in need of hiring a sales representative.
  • Millington Lockwood did not have sufficient time or expertise to dedicate to the recruiting efforts.
  • Millington Lockwood acknowledges that their efforts to date have not yielded the high quality candidates they desire.
The Solution

Millington Lockwood understands the value of behavioral and skill assessment to help screen candidates. As a result, they were early advocates and participated in the profiling process of Herman Miller Sales and Design Talent+ assessments. Through this process and the Herman Miller Dealer Network, PredictiveHR engaged with Millington Lockwood. Millington Lockwood decided to move beyond their traditional recruitment approach and capitalize upon the breadth of experience that PredictiveHR bring to Herman Miller.

  • A Fast Track purchase was initiated via a simple online transaction via the PredictiveHR designed and managed talent portal.
  • Weekly touch point meetings with the dealer were leveraged to keep communication lines open and continuously enhance the process performance.
  • Talent+ Design assessment was implemented to evaluate candidates.
The Results

The Dealer Network Talent was a time saving and cost effective solution for Millington Lockwood. Candidates were thoroughly screened and assessed creating a lesser burden on internal staff. Over the six week project, Millington Lockwood conducted face-to-face interviews with three (3) candidates and hired two (2). Both of these hires were candidates from outside of the commercial office furniture industry.

The program has changed the way Millington Lockwood thinks of prospective talent – there is more focus on the individual and their capabilities rather than their specific industry experience.

Key Points:
  • In six weeks, five potential candidates were identified by PredictiveHR and recommended to move forward to interviews based on the Talent+ assessment results.
  • Millington Lockwood hired two candidates, both from outside of the office furniture industry.
  • The Fast Track process allowed Millington Lockwood to focus on their business while PredictiveHR focused on recruitment.

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