American Office

Compared to agencies in the past, the experience with PredictiveHR and this program has resulted in higher quality candidates and a more cost effective recruiting solution.

American Office is a proud member of Herman Miller’s Certified Dealer Network. Along with our partners across North America, they are committed to consistent, high-quality, expert service to help their clients create the spaces they need to achieve and sustain their business goals.

The Challenge

American Office, like many organizations, did not have a standard process in place for sourcing and recruiting candidates. In many cases, each individual hiring manager had an independent approach on how they went about finding talent resulting in an inconsistent candidate experience and high costs.

American Office has used recruiting firms in the past and walked away with a less than positive experience. They referenced low candidate quality and high recruitment costs as a leading reasons for the lackluster experience.

As part of the Herman Miller Talent Network initiative, we had the privilege of speaking with American Office.

Key Points:
  • American Office is looking to add more structure to their recruiting process;
  • American Office wants to lower the costs associated with sourcing and recruitment;
  • American Office is dedicated to minimizing turnover;
  • American Office would like to improve the caliber of candidates resulting in hard-working, high-performing and visionary employees.
The Solution

We engaged with American Office as part of our innovative Herman Miller Dealer Network Talent program. Based upon the clients needs we recommended a Fast Track solution.

American Office was receptive to exploring candidates from outside of the industry. PredictiveHR deployed a sourcing, screening and assessment strategy based upon finding high performing candidates, regardless of industry, who demonstrate a successful track record in sales and favorable outcomes using a Talent+ Sales Assessment.

  • A Fast Track program was implemented.
  • Regular communications were scheduled with Client HR leaders to review project performance to continuously enhance outcomes.
  • The process focused upon generating candidates using behavioral-based modalities that were aligned with traits deemed intrinsic to high-performers in the industry.
  • All candidates were vetted through the Talent+ Assessment.
The Results

The global approach, consideration of candidates from outside of the immediate industry, created a more diverse candidate pool.

Key Points:
  • In the first Fast Track purchase, 10 candidates were submitted, 8 were interviewed, and a hirable candidate was identified.
  • American Office looks to the Herman Miller Talent Program as a much more cost effective recruiting solution.
  • American Office has realized significantly higher candidate quality when compared to approaches of the past.

This was a highly successful project that has resulted in eight (8) additional Fast Tracks projects. We continue an active partnership with American Office who considers PredictiveHR their go to recruitment partner.

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